The Essay

Here are the links to each article in the essay. They are presented sequentially.

1. Bowdlerizing Kant
2. The Primacy of Theme
3. A Misfiring Buick in Toledo
4. An Infinite Case of Deja Vu
5. Leaving the Story Chrysalis
6. The Snake Oil Salesmen of Hope
7. Verbal Brawls in Ambiguous Ink
8. The Jim Morrison Challenge
9. Archetypal Divides
10. Falstaff and The Joker
11. How to Mine Subtext
12. Overtext
13. Iceberg Exposition
14. Character Individuation
15. Premise Is King
16. Wormholes Between Minds
17. Resonance
18. The Flowers of Failure
19. StoryQuarks
20. Kill Your Darlings
21. The Antipodes of Literature
22. Practical Ontologies
23. Broken Circuits
24. Epilogue


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